From Patricia Jones, Senior Program Leader for the Human Right to Water, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee:

“For some, accessing clean water is as simple as turning on a faucet. But for nearly three-quarters of a billon people, clean water is well beyond reach. Systematic barriers such as classism, sexism, and racism have caused women and girls throughout the world to struggle with limited educational opportunities, exposure to preventable diseases, and even violence in the search for clean water.

On World Water Day, spread the word: safe, clean, and affordable water is a human right. Watch this video and share it with your family and friends on Facebook.

Climate change has only exacerbated our global water crisis. Drought and water contamination in California have sparked local mobilization efforts in hopes of igniting a recommitment to the Human Right to Water Act, originally passed in 2012, among policymakers. Kenya’s unpredictable rainy season has inspired communities near the Kakamega rain forest to get creative. They are using sand and trees for water filtration and developing water catchment systems for agricultural use during periods of drought.

World Water Day marks not only Climate Justice Sunday, but also the beginning of Climate Justice Month. Over the coming weeks, you will learn how your community can take action to advance the human right to water in the face of climate change.

Take the first step: watch UUSC’s video and share it with your friends and family.”

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