An article entitled “Detroiters’ Fight for Affordable Water Access Has Lessons for America’s Future” by our own Monica Lewis Patrick has been published in the April 2017 issue of River Voices: Water Equity and Civic Engagement. Read our article and download the full issue of River Voices here. The article begins on page 7.

Monica Lewis-Patrick and other water warriors and volunteers, wearing bright yellow reflective vests and surrounding a table full of clipboards, canvassing on the streets of Detroit.

About this River Voices issue:
“We believe that access to affordable clean water and healthy rivers is a fundamental human right. Like other human rights, we must be prepared to assert and defend this right. By listening, we can hear the concerns of the communities we are part of; and by working together, we can influence elected officials and resource managers to address these disparities. The articles in this issue of River Voices provide examples of places where access to affordable clean water is not equal, and how civic engagement is making a difference. These articles underscore the variety of ways to become involved, including seeking public office. We hope that this issue sparks your curiosity and encourages you to continue exploring. Water is life.”

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