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We the People of Detroit is dedicated to community coalition building and to the provision of resources that inform, train and mobilize the citizens of Detroit to improve their quality of life.

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Our History and Growth

We the People of Detroit (WPD) was co-founded by Chris Griffith, Aurora Harris, Monica Lewis-Patrick, Cecily McClellan and Debra Taylor. WPD is a grassroots organization founded in 2008 and grew out of citizens who fought against the Mayoral Takeover of Detroit Public Schools in 2008/09. WPD is dedicated to community coalition building and providing vehicles that inform, train and mobilize the citizens of Detroit to improve their quality of life. WPD has spearheaded and supported several initiatives that resist Emergency Management and the unconstitutional, immoral and unethical taking of voting rights, city assets, workers rights, pensions and self governance in general.

The most recent citywide campaign that WPD is currently participating in is as the on the ground coordinator for Outreach (door to door canvassing & distribution of the “Water=Life” kicker cards; emergency resource hotline and the establishment of the first of several emergency Water Stations) in cooperation with the People’s Water Board Coalition composed of 38 community based and grass root organizations. 

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  1. Congrats on your efforts! Right on with Voter education. Most Americans have no idea of how our government works and why you have to elect local officials and a Congress that represent your agenda, rather than just focusing on a Presidential election!

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