The Black Prophetic Struggle Against Injustice

…Fifty years ago, Malcolm X boldly called for a United Nations commission to investigate human rights violations by the U.S. government against African-Americans. This legacy continues today in the voices of African-American women like Alice Jennings, Monica Lewis-Patrick, Debra Taylor, Tawana Petty, Valerie Burris & Maureen Taylor who have invited a UN delegation to come to Detroit this weekend to hear testimony from dozens of the thousands of African-American residents who have had their water shut-off by the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, coldly contracting out to a private company to clear the books on the backs of the poor & marginalized. These women exemplify the black prophetic fire that West & Buschendorf chronicle. The spirit of Malcolm has risen in the Motor City! Indeed, the fire continues to burn, even in the drone-dropping, corporate-calcifying age of Obama.

by tom airey, co-editor,

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