Flyer with an illustration of four children at a lemonade stand with no water and a banner saying "what happened to the water". Details about the water testing project, including a $100 stipend, promise of confidentiality, and number to call to see if you qualify: 1-844-42WATER

“We the People of Detroit’s work has four focus areas: water testing, story-telling and videography, door-to-door research, and mapping. The MSU team is collaborating with the collective to implement the water testing piece, looking at it from two angles: (1) How does water affordability affect water quality? and (2) How do communities use data and research to promote their own public health or political objectives?

The two-year project has two phases. The first phase involved creating a Community Advisory Board, made up of residents of Detroit, including members of We the People of Detroit. Then the MSU team worked with the Community Advisory Board to design the project, sampling strategy, and survey.

The next phase will involve sampling residents’ water for substances such as heavy metals, microorganisms, and disinfection by-products. To preserve anonymity, the MSU team does not go into the homes themselves to take the samples. “We’re working with the Community Advisory Board to train field workers to help the residents take their own samples and do some preliminary analysis in their households,” said Mitchell. This process also works towards a true citizen science approach. “Community members, via the Community Advisory Board, are engaged in the entire process. So even with developing the training protocols and what things we’re going to sample with, all of that is being developed with our community partners.””


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