Matthew Kovac of the Great Lakes Beacon interviewed Monica of We the People of Detroit for a story on the potential that the Detroit mayor’s office has been effectually silencing communications of the results of the recent research study conducted by Henry Ford Health System’s Global Health Initiative and We the People of Detroit.

Excerpt below – read the full article here:

“‘All we know is that we were told by representatives of Henry Ford Health Systems and the Global Health Initiative that they could not speak to the issues because it would jeopardize some of their negotiations for contracts with the city of Detroit,’ Lewis-Patrick said. ‘They were not allowing anyone to speak to these issues because of fear of reprisal from the mayor of Detroit. So it goes back to the mayor.’

Lewis-Patrick noted the positive impact of some of Henry Ford’s city contracts, like their health centers in Detroit schools, but said they must not come at the expense of informing Detroiters about the dangers of the city’s shutoff policy.

‘The health and welfare of Detroiters should be the first concern and priority of both the mayor and Henry Ford Health Systems,’ Lewis-Patrick said.”

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