Water Research: Mapping and Visualizing Publicly Accessible Data

The Community Research Collective has used the knowledge gained through working with public data to lead community workshops about how to make FOIA requests. We worked with the Detroit Health Department to use the data to illustrate the impact of water shutoffs on public health.

Major Water Research Accomplishments

  • Created maps and visualizations related to Detroit’s water shutoff crisis
  • Published a book, “Mapping the Water Crisis: The Dismantling of African-American Neighborhoods in Detroit” (2016), on the results of our water-related research. This is volume one of a three-part series documenting the effects of austerity and its relationship to race in Detroit.
  • Executed a two-year, city-wide public health survey investigating the impact of water shutoffs on public health
  • Have been invited to present our research at universities, community teach-ins, public health organizations, and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

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Data Visualization Collection


We created visual representations of much of the information discovered through our research. There is a lot here, so we have organized our visualizations by topic. Click the links below to jump to each section if you're interested in specific information.

Water Maps_Web3

Water Maps_Web6

Emergency Management

Water Maps_Web

Water Maps_Web2

Water Maps_Web7

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

Water Maps_Web8

Water Maps_Web9

Homes and Foreclosure

Water Maps_Web11

Water Maps_Web10

Water Pricing Discrepancies

Water Maps_Web4

Water Maps_Web5

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